Jim Taylor

Biographical Profile: January 2007




  • Five years (‘74-'78) with Ted Hood Yacht Design, designed large offshore racers/production cruisers.
  • 1977 America's Cup; Responsible for Hood's upgrade to Cup winner COURAGEOUS.
  • Started JIM TAYLOR YACHT DESIGNS in November 1978
  • Designed, built and successfully campaigned Mini-IOR/MORC/PHRF racer, 1978-1981
  • String of successes in both IOR racing and production cruising markets, 1981- 1987
  • Began focus on IMS racing in 1987; TAYLOR 40 pioneered "grand prix" IMS racing
  • Joined America's Cup design team in 1990; America beat Italy’s IL MORO 4-1 in ’92.
  • Designed SABRE 362 and SABRE 402, both Boat of the Year, with Sabre Yachts design team
  • Designed COLGATE 26, Cruising World Boat of the Year, selected by Naval Academy sailing program
  • Racing designs continue to win in top level competition from New England, to "Olde" England, to Japan.
  • Member of ’95 America's design team, this time for The Women’s Team (MIGHTY MARY)
  • IMS 50 NUMBERS. a winner at Key West & SORC, helmed by Russell Coutts at Admiral’s Cup
  • Designed SABRE 452, yet another Boat of the Year with Sabre Yachts
  • Asked to join the Offshore Racing Council’s International Technical Committee
  • IMS racer SFORZANDO a 2-time winner of the New York Yacht Club’s prestigious ‘Herreshoff Award’
  • SABRE 426, chosen by Sail Magazine as one of their ‘Top Ten’ new boats for 2002
  • Precision 185 selected as Sailing World Boat of the Year
  • International 8-meter class sloop PLEIONE featured in Wooden Boat and Sailing World magazines
  • Designed SABRE 386, still another Boat of the Year in collaboration with Sabre Yachts
  • Designed a total of Six (6) Boat of the Year Winners, Sailing World Magazine.
  • COLGATE 26 Used by the United States Naval Academy, 25 boats
  • COLGATE 26 Used by the United States Coast Guard Academy, 15 boats


  • BLACKJACK…..23-ft daggerboard flat-out racer, startling race record
  • GRAVES 37/STARFLIGHT 38…..classic production cruiser/racer, ahead of her time
  • PRECISION 165…..Unique shoal draft fixed keel family daysailer.
  • TAYLOR 38…..Semi-custom racers, winners first in IOR, then in both IMS and PHRF
  • PRECISION 23…..Trend setting maxi- trailerable, enviable reputation for performance, over 500 sold.
  • TAYLOR 40…..Benchmark semi-custom IMS racers, 7 built. Japanese T-40 never lost a race!
  • ESPRIT…..Innovative 41-ft water-ballasted custom performance cruiser; lots of blue-water miles.
  • TAYLOR 42…..4-time winners at Block Island Race Week, winner NYYC Herreshoff Trophy for design
  • PRECISION 18…..Broad market family cruiser, over 500 sold
  • BE-ONE…..43-ft IMS racer, 2nd at ‘92 Kenwood Cup, winner of Japan’s prestigious Gold Cup
  • SABRE 362…..Cruising World’s ’94 ‘Boat of the Year,’ with the Sabre Design Team
  • PRECISION 28…..Broad market racer/cruiser with diesel, rare combination of performance and style
  • STARWIND 19…..Maxi-mini keel/ centerboard for Wellcraft Marine, over 500 sold.
  • TAYLOR 41…..instantly successful "all around racers;" Class winner at ’97 Key West
  • TEMDEH…..39-ft Custom cruiser, classic style and state of the art performance; a personal favorite
  • TAYLOR 47…..Grand Prix IMS racer, 1st in Class 1 in RORC’s Commodore’s Cup
  • DANGER ZONE…..leading-edge 32-foot wing deck “Sport Boat”, spectacular performer
  • SABRE 402…..40-ft racer/cruiser, Instant classic, Cruising World ’97 overall ‘Boat of the Year
  • RESOLUTE RACING SHELLS…...Eights/Fours/Doubles & Singles; winners of numerous collegiate titles
  • COLGATE 26…..Performance-oriented sail trainer and daysailer, another ’97 ‘Boat of the Year
  • STARWIND 27…..Shoal draft family cruising diesel inboard for Wellcraft Marine.
  • PRECISION 15…..Stable comfortable family dinghy with over 800 sold.
  • NUMBERS…..49 ft Admiral’s Cupper, winner at Key West, SORC, and NYYC Spring Reg,’97
  • SABRE 452…..‘Grand touring’ speed and elegance, yet another ‘Boat of the Year
  • PRECISION 21…..Quick keel/centerboard family cruiser, over 300 sold.
  • SPINDRIFT 22…..Innovative keel/centerboard with unique interior, over 400 sold.
  • SFORZANDO…..Exceptional style and grace in a winning 44-ft IMS Cruiser/Racer
  • SABRE 426…..Especially elegant and refined production cruiser/racer, among year’s ‘Top Ten’
  • INTERNATIONAL 8-METER..Classic style above waterline, state of the art ‘Meter Boat’ performance
  • SABRE 386…..Hot selling performance cruiser/racer, overall ‘Boat of the Year
  • PRECISION 185…..High performance CB and Keel, another ‘Boat of the Year
  • SABRE “Spirit” 37’…..High Quality performance daysailor/weekender 2007 Launch
  • TRANSIT_380…..An innovative 12.5 foot children’s dinghy as an ideal stepping stone from Opti to 420.


Aside from his own “youth” experiences in sailing small dinghies as well as boats such as Rhodes 19’s, Jim has designed a line of entry level boats for Precision Boat Works. As one of the very few small builders in the U.S. that actually employs a noted Yacht Designer, all of these models, most in production since the mid 80’s, are renowned for their ergonomically correct cockpits, good looks and most importantly, their well mannered sailing traits.

And he still enjoys sailing & racing small boats personally. He has been ‘hands on' involved with junior sailing since 1995. Jim has also helped/followed/coached his own son as he progressed from Opti beginner sailor to Junior Olympics winner who later became a 2-time high school state champion.

Jim is very well versed and has first-hand experience with, and knowledge of, Opti’ s, Bluejays, Widgeon's, N-10's, Flying Juniors, Tech Dinghies, Mercury's, Larks, Lasers, and Club 420's.

Although busy with his design studio, he finds time to be part of the Program Committee and Board of Directors of the Pleon Yacht Club (A 115 year old 'kids only' club for ages 9 thru 18) for ten years. Also has personal experience with kid’s transition from Opti’s to Lasers and 420's throughout this period. Pleon Yacht Club currently uses Opti’s, JY-15's (w/short rigs), Lasers and 420's.

In addition, Jim was instrumental in starting a junior sailing program at his home adult club (mainly to handle over subscription at the Pleon YC), and has been part of its 'operations committee' since.

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