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P-18/21/23 Centerboard Hanger/Centerboard Replacement.

Possible reasons for failure……….

  • If the board had been allowed to free-fall to the full-down position repeatedly, the bracket could be weakened to the point of failure.
  • Another possibility is grounding (or attempting to retrieve the boat onto the trailer) with the CB down, and not retracting it right away.
  • But most fail due to stray current at the dock location causing quick and sometimes severe electrolysis. If the boat is docked or moored anywhere near shore power, you will be amazed at how often there is a considerable amount of “stray” current moving around that area.

Removal Instructions..........

To remove the existing CB hanger bracket, you will need to remove the nuts and washers from inside the boat on the cabin sole. If your board is already out, you can't simply pull the bracket out by grabbing the board, so you may need a small drift punch and a hammer.

Pound the studs downward. There is 3M-5200 bonding the bracket to the top of the CB trunk, and it may take some effort to break that bond. Use care, but don't be afraid to use a little force. And consider using Debond 2000 Marine Formula™ to loosen the 5200 bonding.


From under the boat, inside the CB trunk area, spray the Debond 2000 on any 5200 adhesive that remains attached to the CB trunk at the point where the bracket/bolt holes are.

Use whatever you have that is long and reasonable strong, a crowbar for example, to scrape the 3M-5200 adhesive from up inside the CB trunk. You want to do this to get a smooth surface for the new bracket to mate against. It may take several applications of Debond and several scrapings to get the surface are clean inside the trunk before you can start the new installation.

(While you've got the centerboard out of the boat, it might be a good time to sand it, fill any chips and cracks with epoxy, apply barrier coat/bottom paint to the board and the inside of the CB trunk)

Place the new bracket onto the centerboard, and place the pin inside the bracket. The pin is not fastened in any way, it is simply held in place by the sides of the trunk and it can easily fall out, so use masking tape to hold it in position.


Then, angle the bracket so it is in the position it would be with the board in the full-down position. Use several lengths of tape to secure the bracket in that position and to hold the floating pin in position.

Replacement Instructions............

Have an assistant get inside the boat with washers, nuts and tools.

Apply a generous bead of 3M-5200 to the top of the bracket.

Grasp the centerboard and lift it up into the CB trunk and carefully align the studs with the holes up in the centerboard trunk. Push the assembly into place and have the assistant quickly drop on the washers and nuts. Have the assistant then tighten the nuts - alternating between each nut until the bracket is snug against the top of the trunk.


Re-attach the CB pennant (replacing it with a new one at this time would be prudent)

You will have to cut off the ends of the studs once you have the bracket all tightened down. A hack-saw or Dremel tool with a cut-off wheel will do the job. Then re-install the cap plugs that cover the CB hanger studs and special cap plug washers.

Also, when you re-attach the CB pennant, adjust it so that if the board free-falls to the full-down position, that the pennant will stop it before it hits the forward face of the trunk.


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