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Waterline & Cove Stripe Tape Installation Instructions
We recommend that either a boatyard or your local commercial stripe company install the stripes, but if you elect to install yourself, the following will assist you.

1. Mark with grease pencil or lead pencil the lower part of your existing tape stripe to establish a reference line to place the new tape stripes

2. Remove the old stripping (if it is original Precision stripes by using a hot air gun, large capacity hair dryer or the like. Heat up the stripes to make them a bit pliable and then use a plastic squeegee or similar to remove from the hull. Be careful not to scratch the hull.

3. Clean the area where you have removed the stripes with a solvent or adhesive cleaner using caution to not remove the reference line you put on prior to removing the old stripes

4. Lightly spray the area you are going to apply the stripes with water from the spray bottle.


5. Peal off the backside of your new tape and carefully place in online with your reference line, unroll a small bit at a time and make sure it is straight.

6. After you are satisfied with the placement, using the spray bottle of water, lightly mist a 2-3 foot section of tape and use the squeegee to remove all air bubbles trapped between the tape and the hull surface.

7. Once all air bubbles have been squeegeed out completely carefully cut the ends of the stripe to suit.

8. Wait one full warm day for the stripes to dry completely, then carefully remove the protective plastic “pre-tape” covering from the tape surface.

Materials required:
• Spray bottle of water with a drop or two of dish soap in water
• Plastic or rubber squeegee
• Plastic or soft surface tool to scrap off old tape
• Heat gun or hair dryer
• Adhesive remover
• Grease pencil or lead pencil


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