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Optional Headboard Floats — Precision 15/185
Over the past couple of years we have heard from a few P-15 and P-185 owners that are either new sailors or have children sailing who do not/will not ease the sheets and have capsized the boats. To assist those individuals, we have developed a slip on mast head float that then hoists with the mainsail.

These floats are similar to the ones used by other small boats, Flying Scot, C-Scows, E-Scows and Harpoons to name a few. They are constructed of closed cell foam with a dacron sailcloth cover sewn on over it. The photo above shows how the leading edge goes around the mainsail bolt rope and feeds up the mast slot along with the mainsail.

By making the float removable, the more experienced sailor can sail without it but when handing the boat over to their children (for example) simply slip it on over the mainsail and hoist. No need to permanently install a huge float at the top of the mast. While not intended to compensate for basic sailing skills, nor prevent turtling if sound capsize recovery practices are not adhered to, the float will allow the sailor more time to un-cleat the main and jib sheets if the boat is capsized, then perform the common righting procedures as typically taught in sailing schools.

This float will also be useful for sailing schools, and for those who enjoy heavy air dinghy sailing.

To order or get pricing information see the Boat Parts for the P-15 or the P-185. The Head Floats are also listed on the Boats web page for the P-15 or the P-185


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