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Transducer or Knotmeter Installation — Precision 21/23

Location Suggestions

A) The suggested transducer or knotmeter paddle wheel location is in the aft end of the center, forward locker, just ahead of the teak slats. The hull is bonded directly to the liner here and there should be no space beteen the two.

B) Cables can be fastened to the forward side of the wooden slats to secure them.


C) Drill an approprate sized hole in the locker side for passage of the cable end fittings. This can be sealed with silcone sealant.

D) Mount an inspction port in the vertical bulkhead to allow access to feed the cables under the settee. The port location should be kept low to clear foam that is attached to the top surface of the bunk area.

E) Cables can be "fished" from the aft end, under the inboard part of the settee with a semi-ridge wire.


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