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170% Genoa Gear Installation — "Old Style" Precision 18


Begin the installation by attaching the two Harken blocks to the forward bail on each aft life line stanchion with the supplied D-shackles. To locate the camcleats, pass a line through one block, across the cockpit and through the block on the opposite side. The clamcleats should center on this line and should be placed on the outboard edge of the combing top just inside the outer radius. Drill two holes on each side with a 1/8in. drill bit, place the eye strap in place and secure with two stainless steel sheet metal screws in each cleat. (A plywood insert was installed at this location during the construction of your boat.)

Attach the sheets to your genoa, lead each side first through the block and then through the cleat. Tie a figure 8 stopper knot in each bitter end and your ready to enjoy the added performance that your genoa can provide.

Figure 8 stopper


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